Founded by Cherrel Hussain and Joy Fokkema, specialized in quantum field science.

“Everything is energy” Our bodies are sensitive frequency instruments that measure and communicate with all that surrounds us. It is said that we use only a fraction of the total capacity of our brain, but we also have been educated to ignore what our bodies are constantly communicating to us.

Furthermore, we also know within every aspect of our being that everything exists because of energy. We are taught to shut down our awareness of energy from a very early age and therefore we are not appreciating all that happens as a result of our choices and actions.

We believe that listening to your higher self is the most powerful GPS to guide you through life. 

With a passion for spirituality, we started Aura Sisters. With a medical certified device called Healy, we can track the energy blockers & create customized frequencies to rebalance your body. 

We discovered finding the right products after the Healy Treatment was difficult, so we decided to start our own webshop. 

After a lot of research and talking to several suppliers, we selected the best products for the AfterHealy webshop.

On this site, you will only find premium brands, good quality, and natural products. These brands are personally selected by us.

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